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Region:    Africa & Western Indian Ocean

Improving fishery products in Malawi Malawi

Commonwealth Secretariat - Project Dates:
September 2011 - December 2012

Description of Project:
The main objective of the project is to improve the quality and safety of fish produced in Malawi and to assure greater confidence in the integrity of seafood that is marketed, domestically, regionally and internationally.
In particular, this project will seek to support the following:
Improved handling of fish by fishermen (capture fisheries) leading to a reduction in both quality and physical losses;
Improved awareness of the real constraints to adoption of any new quality and safety standards by fishermen and small-scale enterprise, including lack of market related imperatives;
Advise on more strategic interventions to address fish quality and food safety issues that are consistent with mandate and existing capacities of the Department of Fisheries, taking into account the comparative advantage of other relevant institutions, including District Assemblies, to support efforts in this direction;
Improved cooperation amongst key stakeholders in the fish supply/value chain with respect to addressing existing and future challenges to the quality and safety of fishery products from aquaculture; and
Supportive policies that promote a business environment where market forces and competition drive improvements in the quality and safety of fishery products.

Services Provided:
Poseidon staff will provide institutional strengthening and aquaculture production systems expertise to the project and oversee the project management and delivery