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Workshop on a methodology to assess and quantify the extent and impact of fisheries bycatch and discards Global

Food and Agricultural Organisation FAO - Project Dates:
May 2015 - May 2015

Description of Project:
Bycatch and discards represent significant food loss and wastage in the world’s fisheries. Food security problems are increasing in many developing, protein-poor countries, and especially in those countries whose main source of protein is seafood. Benchmarking and reporting on fisheries bycatch and discards is a vital step to the improved utilization of seafood resources and reducing wastage, and therefore the more effective management of fisheries resources.

Recognising this problem, FAO supported a workshop to inform the design of a future study to update earlier estimates of bycatch and discards in terms of tonnes and/or numbers of species, but also to include estimates of the socio-economic impacts (including gender) and food security issues caused by wasteful discarding.

Poseison staff prepared background papers for the workshop, and participated in it, making recommendations as to the design, scope, and methodology of the future study