Fisheries economics and trade

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Region:    Australasia & the Pacific

FISH4ACP Marshall Islands purse seine tuna value chain upgrading Marshall Islands

Food and Agricultural Organisation FAO - Project Dates:
April 2020 - December 2021

Description of Project:
FISH4ACP was a five-year programme (2020-2024) implemented in 10 countries Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP). 12 value chains (one per country) were competitively selected from over 75 proposals for programme implementation.

Services Provided:

Poseidon staff lead the team working on the Marshall Islands tuna purse seine value chain. A functional analysis and market review was completed, and data were collected on a range of economic, social and environmental indicators to assess sustainability. In consultation with local stakeholders, a value chain upgrading strategy and project implementation plan was developed for implementation over years 2-5 of the programme.