Fisheries economics and trade

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Region:    Africa & Western Indian Ocean

Potential to increase added value contributions of EU SFPAs in third countries Africa

BMZ - Project Dates:
January 2022 - November 2023

Description of Project:
This study explored the potential for third countries with EU SFPAs to generate increased levels of value-added from more landings and processing in third countries of catch made by EU fishing vessels fishing under SFPAs. The study focussed on countries in Africa with SFPAs. 

The main research questions were:

    • What are the current (typical) value chains of catches from SFPAs?
    • From the point of view of the EU fishing industry, what are the interests and opportunities for more landings and further processing of catches on site and what are the perceived obstacles?
    • In which countries are there interests, opportunities and needs for increased landings and processing of catches, what would be the resulting improvements for local food and income security, and what are the obstacles to implementation?

Services Provided:

Poseidon first reviewed all relevant ex post and ex ante SFPA evaluation reports and other literature, and consulted widely through remote means with stakeholders in the EU and African countries. Gambia, Mauritania, Madagascar and Senegal were then selected as being of most interest for the study and three field visits made to each country to identify conditions and actions necessary to ensure greater levels of catch being landed by EU vessels and an increased level of benefits from SFPAs to small scale fisheries sectors through sectoral support components.