Fisheries economics and trade

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Region:    Asia

Tuna longline sector development Sri Lanka

Food and Agricultural Organisation FAO - Project Dates:
January 2008 - February 2008

Description of Project:
The Objectives of this project were:

  • To advise MFAR on the sustainable and economically viable development of coastal and offshore and high seas fisheries;

  • to assist MFAR in the preparation of a policy document that outlines principal strategies that will support the development of the tuna long lining sector (including proposed management plans, decision making processes, control measures, monitoring and research, compliance mechanisms);

  • to assist MFAR in finalizing the Investment/Implementation plan of the Ten Year Fisheries Development Policy Framework and its corresponding Log Frame.

    Services Provided:
    Poseidon provided a fisheries economist to complete the following tasks:
    - collect and analyse seasonal market prices on tunas and other large pelagics;
    - identify the financial costs of current tuna long lining operations (including profit/loss);
    - review types and economics of existing and proposed vessel/gear combinations;
    - model the economics of different tuna long lining vessels;
    - in consultation with existing and potential investors and private sector stakeholders identify economic/fiscal and other constraints to investment and development of the long line sector, and how these might be addressed