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Region:    UK and Ireland

Solway Firth Harbours Feasibility Study Scotland

Scottish Enterprise - Project Dates:
March 2008 - March 2008

Description of Project:
The objectives of the study were to:
(1) Assess the state of current facilities in all harbour ports in the Solway Firth to facilitate the development of the following activities:

  • Commercial Shellfishing
  • Marine Leisure
    (Including sailing or powered cruising, windsurfing, scuba diving and canoeing)
  • Sea Angling

    (2) Assess the potential of small-scale freight movement of heavy goods between locations in the Solway Firth and between the Clyde Coast and Sail West regions in line with both strategies.

    (3) Assess the development opportunity and growth value to the Dumfries and Galloway economy and linking into the Clyde Coast Framework Strategy and Sail West Strategy.

    (4) Quantify the cost of realising the above opportunities. Detail location of where the opportunities are/against which activity and cost of development of these opportunities. A breakdown of cost should be given for each activity/location.

    Services Provided:
    Poseidon, in association with McKenzie Wilson, undertook to review current fisheries, fleet and port operations for the commercial shellfish fleet and the recreational sea angling sector based along the Scottish Solway coast.
    An assessment of future development potential was made to integrate with a proposed strategy for port regeneration.