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Development of a Business Plan, Strategy, Structure and Function for a private sector organization providing consultancy services to the fisheries sector in Vietnam Vietnam

DANIDA - Project Dates:
September 2008 - October 2008

Description of Project:
Despite success achieved to date with regards to export value, the Vietnamese fishery sector urgently needs to further upgrade current levels of technical and managerial skills throughout the value chain. Vietnamís entry to the World Trade Organisation as its 150th members State also brings with it new obligations, which call for enhanced skills at all levels of production, handling, processing, distribution and marketing. Although there is known to be a substantial number of companies, organisations and individuals with good technical and managerial skills that could assist the fishery sector, there is currently no culture or organised market for providing consultancy and training services at all levels of the distribution chain. a private consultancy service network is believed to offer a good mechanism by which to help improve and update the skills and efficiencies of small-scale actors in the fisheries sector in Vietnam. Once established, the types of skills to be offered by the network will include training and technical assistance in: Fish handling, processing, storage, distribution and traceability; Quality control and management; Food safety, hygiene and HACCP; Business planning and marketing; Financial management; Corporate restructuring and equitisation; and Environmental management.

Services Provided:
The objective of this project was to provide expert guidance for the establishment of a sustainable private sector national fisheries consultancy organization/network. There were two products/outputs produced by the project.
Product 1: Proposals for a suitable structure, functions, business plan and strategy for a private sector network/ organisation capable of providing commercial consultancy services to the fisheries sector in Vietnam. The business plan focused on the specific post-harvest and other needs of the Vietnamese fisheries sector, particularly those of small-scale actors in the sector.
Product 2: One 2-day National Stakeholder Workshops conducted to raise stakeholder awareness of the subject, provide feed-back on the consultancy and to provide orientation for finalisation of the report.