Fisheries economics and trade

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Region:    Asia

Minimum standards for fish handling and reduced post-harvest losses in selected tsunami-affected communities Sri Lanka

Food and Agricultural Organisation FAO - Project Dates:
August 2008 - September 2008

Description of Project:
Poseidon undertook a value chain and quality control assessment of the key fish processing chains. The purpose of the exercise was to identify support needs to stakeholders and to compile a detailed project document that will establish a road map to product quality enhancement and improved value added. The specific tasks areas follows:
  • carry out a rapid identification of the key fisheries market chains and quality constraints relating to post harvest handling losses;
  • support identification of key fisheries value chains for the project to prioritise;
  • support a preliminary analysis of the capacity building needs for priority communities;
  • support a preliminary a rapid assessment of the capacity building needs of NIFNE and partners to be involved in extension and training activities
  • support a review and update of the project logframe with stakeholders;
  • develop TOR for the international and national inputs in support of the project outcomes;
  • Develop monitoring and evaluation strategies, including appropriate indicators;
  • Develop and compile a detailed project document and time-bound work plan
  • Assist the mission team in adequately consulting the government and community stakeholders