Fisheries economics and trade

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Region:    UK and Ireland

NW England Fisheries Community Regeneration Study UK

Government Office for the North-West - Project Dates:
May 2002 - August 2002

Description of Project:
The project involved a thorough needs assessment in fishing and non-fishing sectors, to consider ways of regenerating fishing communities in Fleetwood, Whitehaven and surrounding areas. The project was completed on behalf of regional Government to identify strategies for support and identification of funding requirements.

Services Provided:
Using extensive stakeholder consultation and analysis of catching sector and processing sector cost structures, strategies were developed and agreed with the community to improve the supply and quality of fishing landings, develop market information systems, improve infrastructure, and enhance and retain value-added in the region. Detailed analysis was conducted into the cost structure of catching and processing sectors to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to continued viability.