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Region:    Europe

CFP reform regional case study impact assessment EU

DG MARE Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (European Commission) - Project Dates:
January 2010 - July 2010

Description of Project:
In April 2009 the European Commission adopted a Green Paper on the future of the EU's Common Fisheries Policy. In helping the Commission to formulate a proposal for a new basic regulation, an impact assessment was carried out of both the status quo and various policy options for reform of the CFP.

Services Provided:
This specific project complemented the main impact assessment (also completed by Posiedon as part of a consortium of consulting companies) by looking ion more detail at the impacts of both the status quo and the other policy options in the following regions Galicia, Brittany, Sicily and Scotland, the latter being defined as the addition of the following four EU NUTS 2 regions: Eastern Scotland, South Western Scotland, North Eastern Scotland and Highlands and Islands.

The same overall approach was taken to the main impact assessment, with a range of environmental, economic, social and governance indicators applied to the 4 regions, to explore in more detail the potential impacts of different policy options on them.

Poseidon contributed in this project to overall methdological development, and implemented the Scottish case study.