Fisheries economics and trade

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Region:    Americas

Economic and Socio-Economic Data Collection in Fisheries (Caricom Fisheries) Caribbean Island States, Central and South America

Caricom Fisheries Unit and Canadian International Development Agency CIDA - Project Dates:
June 2003 - December 2003

Description of Project:
As part of the fisheries component of the Integrated Caribbean Regional Agriculture and Fisheries Development Project, Poseidon in association with SCALES Inc (Barbados) examined the status of economic and socio-economic data collection in eight countries in the region. The objective of the work was to develop guidelines and methods for improvements and expansion of the current data collection system to enhance is usefulness.

Services Provided:
The report contains a template model that can be used to assess Gross value added from different Caribbean fishery sectors and is adaptable for both artisanal and industrial fisheries. The model also makes provision for calculation of financial loss as a result of access restrictions to MPAs or assessing the impact of harbour damage.