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Region:    Middle East

Evaluation of the use of exclusive zones as a method to develop sustainable aquaculture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Agriculture Development Fund (KSA) - Project Dates:
July 2011 - August 2011

Description of Project:
Saudi Arabia is initiating a marine fish aquaculture industry. Currently there is no legislation that deals exclusively with this and, as with other jurisdictions the tendency is to issue licenses without reference to geographic zones, management regimes or the technical qualifications of the companies applying.

There is an opportunity for Saudi Arabia to learn from the mistakes of others and put in place a process that intrinsically protects investors through delineating zones for development. Depending on the size of the proposed development, these zones may be exclusive to one company or may be a mix of companies but with the proviso that development plans must coincide with farming practices, health management, seeding times and harvest practices.

Services Provided:
Poseidon manged this study and provided the majority of the technical inputs. This included case studies of zoning in the Mediterranean, UK and Chile, and the application of the lessons learned to Saudi Arabia.