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Region:    UK and Ireland

Marine Planning impacts for Northern Ireland Seafoods UK

Seafish Industry Authority SFIA - Project Dates:
September 2012 - March 2013

Description of Project:
Seafish Northern Ireland Advisory Committee (SNIAC) commissioned Poseidon to assess the impact of Northern Ireland's nephrops fleets Marine Conservation Zones (MCZ). This work considered the importance of the areas to the fleet and potential knock-on effects of proposed management.
With several other development pressures emerging, including marine renewables and inshore Marine Protected Areas under Northern Ireland's Marine Bill, it was felt that the cumulative impact on Northern Ireland's fleet and the wider seafood industry should be assessed.

Services Provided:

In collaboration with AFBI, Poseidon were asked to assess the value of fisheries within the various areas being proposed and go on to consider the likely displacement effects should management measures affect the status quo. This explored the remaining fishable area and expected fishing pressure applied.