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Region:    Europe

Facilitation and reporting on four workshops to facilitate implementation of the Altantic Maritime Strategy Action Plan Europe

GOPA Catermill - Project Dates:
March 2014

Description of Project:
The Atlantic Ocean basin faces numerous challenges of marine and maritime nature. Enhanced cooperation among the EU's Atlantic Member States and their Atlantic regions, should drive forward the “blue economy” while preserving the environmental and ecological stability of the Atlantic Ocean at the same time. This has been taken forward by the European Commission Communication Action Plan for a Maritime Strategy in the Atlantic area, with a goal to deliver smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in coastal regions, as one of the activities aimed to generate blue growth i.e. foster more jobs and growth in coastal areas and in the maritime economy

Services Provided:

The purpose of this contract was to facilitate and report on four interactive seminars (in Madeira, Spain, Ireland, and England) focused on the implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan, involving relevant stakeholders to discuss and exchange experiences and ideas about best practice