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Region:    UK and Ireland

UK Extension Project - Commercial Fisheries Project UK

Equinor New Energy Limited - Project Dates:
May 2020 - September 2021

Description of Project:
A Commercial Fisheries Assessment is required to be undertaken as part of the overall EIA work for the two projects;

• Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm Extension Project (DEP); and

• Sheringham Shoal Offshore W ind Farm Extension Project (SEP).

The assessments will cover the possibility that

• one or the other (but not both) of the projects are developed; or

• both projects being developed, either concurrently or sequentially.

Services Provided:

Sheringham and Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm Extensions - Poseidon provided commercial fisheries expertise for Environmental Impact Assessment reporting, including the Commercial Fisheries Technical Report and impact assessment for commercial fishing fleets. Poseidon consulted with local fishing industry stakeholders and national and regional Fishermen’s Associations. Poseidon were contracted directly by Equinor.