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Region:    Middle East

Project Completion Review of PERSGA Demonstration Activities Red Sea and Gulf of Aden

PERSGA Secretariat - Project Dates:
June 2005 - July 2005

Description of Project:
The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (PERSGA) is the executing body of the GEF Strategic Action Programme SAP (1998 - 2004) funded by the World Bank, UNDP, UNEP and the IDB.

The Mid Term Evaluation for the PERSGA-GEF Project ‘Implementing the SAP for the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden’ recommended that the project be revised to include a number of Demonstration Activities (DA).

The purpose of the DA Programme is to ensure concrete delivery of project funds and actions ‘on-the-ground’ within each country. The activities would address real solutions to some of the threats and root causes as identified in the Country Reports, and as consolidated within the SAP. It was agreed that DA proposals should originate from countries of the Region, in accordance with guidelines developed by PERSGA and circulated to the participating countries.

Services Provided:
On completion of the Demonstration Projects in June 2005, a Director of Poseidon assisted a regional specialist to prepare a review process based on standard UNDP and GEF evaluation techniques. These were then applied and the results disseminated in order to provide lessons learned to other marine conservation initiatives in the region.