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Region:    UK and Ireland

Regulatory Impact Assessment of Scottish SPA Extensions UK

Scottish Government - Project Dates:
July 2008 - September 2008

Description of Project:
The Scottish Government is committed to implementing the EC Birds and Habitats Directives commitments on biodiversity. This project will contribute to the delivery of an Impact Assessment for each of the 31 proposed marine SPA extensions.
The clear identification of the cost and benefits of each option and the quantification and where possible valuation in monetary terms of the costs and benefits is the focus of the project. As well as identifying and quantifying costs and benefits, the project must address the likely distribution of the costs and benefits amongst different groups. The project will also address the impact of the options on small firms.

Services Provided:
In association with Royal Haskoning, Poseidon is undertaking the Regulatory Impact Assessment of the Scottish SPA seaward extensions. A number of marine sectors were addressed with the impact on coastal fisheries being a key consideration.