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Region:    UK and Ireland

Regional Impact Assessment for Marine Aggregate Extraction UK

East Channel Association - Project Dates:
September 2001 - March 2003

Description of Project:
Based on the ‘Strategic Environmental Assessment’ approach, this project prepared a regional environmental assessment for proposed marine aggregate extraction in the middle of the Eastern ‘English’ Channel. The study looked at the wider trans-boundary and cumulative issues that are often ignored by site-specific environmental impact assessments.

Services Provided:
Poseidon looked specifically at the fisheries resource and activity impacts that may result from marine aggregate extraction in the Eastern Channel. On the fisheries resources side, specific issues of concern include impacts on benthic spawners such as the Downs herring stocks as well as scallop resources. The impact of gravel removal and consequential water column and substrate changes were examined throughout the ICES VIId area. The fisheries activity assessment determined the current dependence upon the Eastern Channel fisheries and the potential impact of marine aggregate extraction activities on these and their neighbouring activities.